The first step to overcoming addiction is entering rehab. Yet, some may feel the rehab admissions process will be too complicated. Fortunately, District Recovery Centers make rehab admissions simple and easy for you or a loved one to navigate. We can walk you through the process and get you started on the path to healing and recovery.

What Is Rehab Admissions?

a doctor explaining the rehab admissions process to a patientRehab admission is the process of enrolling or having a loved one enrolled in a rehabilitation program like our partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, or sober living program at District Recovery Centers. During this process, individuals and their friends or loved ones can ask questions and have their concerns addressed by our courteous and informed staff.

We’re available to talk on the phone at 949.570.7600 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Individuals can also contact us through our online form.

Insurance Verification

Our staff can verify your insurance checking to see if you are covered. In most cases, this can be done over the phone once we have your policy details. If you are unsure about what your plan covers, we can contact them for you.

Government regulations require insurance providers to cover rehab treatment. However, the amount of coverage can vary. No matter your insurance situation, the staff at District Recovery Centers will work with you to develop a plan.