a woman talking to her doctor about women's rehab centerAcross all genders, substance abuse and addiction can have severe impacts. While some of these effects may be similar, for some individuals, addiction will cause different issues due to their gender. Often, women face unique barriers to getting the support they need to confront and overcome substance use disorder. Therefore, a gender-specific treatment program like those offered at our women’s rehab centers at District Recovery Centers can meet certain individuals’ needs. By offering such a program, clients stand a better chance of healing from the disease of addiction but making a lasting recovery.

What Is Gender-Specific Treatment?

Substance abuse is a challenge for anyone to overcome. Addiction is a disease that may affect men and women in different ways. For some women, they can heal most effectively in a gender-specific treatment program. Several factors can make women-only rehab programs useful. For instance, the advantages of our women’s rehab centers include:

  • Understanding how addiction advances: The majority of women metabolize alcohol and drugs faster than men do. Due to this, women can move from substance abuse to dependency quicker than men. This can require a unique approach for maintaining long-term sobriety.
  • Overcoming Stigma: Both culturally and socially, women face prejudices around substance abuse, causing them to experience denial and shame differently than men. Also, because the burden of childcare falls disproportionately upon women, they can experience guilt and unfair judgment when they seek out help to treat their substance use disorder.
  • Trauma Support: Women endure domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and sexual assault from men at an extremely high degree. This can cause some women to develop a substance use disorder. To address their traumatic experience, it can be easier and more effective to share and work with other women than in a gender-integrated setting.

The Benefits of Our Women’s Rehab Centers

At our women’s rehab centers, individuals will have the chance to share and compare gender-specific issues revolving around drug and alcohol addiction with other women experiencing similar issues. In a single-gender environment, some women may be more likely to open up and share their feelings, which is necessary to recover from addiction. Doing so lowers the risk of relapse and allows clients to build a supportive community that they can turn to in need and contribute to aid others. At our women’s rehab centers, clients will find the same high-quality, comprehensive treatment in our integrated programs.

The District Recovery Centers

At the District Recovery Centers, women wanting gender-specific treatment can have their needs met and still receive the same high-quality care as a standard, integrated program. At our women’s rehab centers, we offer a variety of addiction treatment programs such as:

  • Partial hospitalization program: In a PHP, individuals come to our facility to get the structured treatment they need but can return home and get treatment scheduled around their work.
  • Intensive outpatient program: An IOP is well-suited to those who have already completed a program but needs additional support to transition back to everyday life or have relapsed and need to get back on the path to recovery.
  • Outpatient treatment program: Here, clients can receive the therapy or attend the support groups they desire to keep themselves healthy and on track in their new sober lifestyle.
  • Sober Living program: Here, individuals live in a shared home with others at the same stage of treatment. This allows clients to ease themselves into everyday life after treatment and still receive the structure, accountability, and supervision they need to stay sober in the early stages of recovery.

So reach out to us today at 949.570.7600 learn more and find out how you or a loved one can begin the road to recovery.