Addiction is a desire that can affect anyone. However, it can affect men and women differently. For some individuals, the best way for them to heal and recover from substance use disorder is through a gender-specific program like those offered at our men’s rehab centers.

At the District Recovery Centers, our specialists at our men’s rehab center and sober living facilities design treatment around the causes of substance abuse specific to men.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment

a man talking to her doctor about attending a men's rehab center

For some individuals struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, a gender-specific treatment program gives them the best chance at healing. With this in mind, the District Recovery Centers have designed a men’s rehab program. This approach to treatment focuses on the pressures and issues facing men in society and culturally, which may have influenced their substance abuse. Also, our men’s rehab centers allow clients to confront their issues in a comfortable, supportive environment while delivering the treatment they need.

For some men, being among their peers at a men’s rehab center allows them more freedom to express the challenges they are facing and share their experiences. Both of these aspects and others are key to identifying common triggers, learning how to prevent them, using healthy coping mechanisms, and ultimately overcoming their issues.

Another benefit to gender-specific treatment is the support system clients can build and give them the resources they need to minimize the chances of relapse after leaving rehab.

Programs at Our Men’s Rehab Centers

While the effects of substance abuse and addiction may be similar among both sexes, the path to addiction and recovery can differ among genders. In the case of men, individuals may need to confront unique barriers and additional attention during the treatment process. Cultural norms, as well as societal expectations, create certain pressures for individuals to perform a certain way as men. At our men’s rehab center, individuals can explore what these pressures are and how their coping mechanisms to address them worked, failed, or led them to abuse drugs or alcohol.

At the District Recovery Centers, men needing gender-specific treatment can have their needs met and still receive the same high-quality care as a standard, integrated program. At our men’s rehab centers, we offer a variety of addiction treatment programs such as:

  • Partial hospitalization program: In a PHP, individuals come to our facility to get the structured treatment they need but can return home and get treatment scheduled around their work.
  • Intensive outpatient program: An IOP is well-suited to those who have already completed a program but needs additional support to transition back to everyday life or have relapsed and need to get back on the path to recovery.
  • Outpatient treatment program: Here, clients can receive the therapy or attend the support groups they desire to keep themselves healthy and on track in their new sober lifestyle.
  • Sober Living program: Here, individuals live in a shared home with others at the same stage of treatment. This allows clients to ease themselves into everyday life after treatment and still receive the structure, accountability, and supervision they need to stay sober in the early stages of recovery.

No matter your needs, we have a substance use disorder program that can meet them.

The District Recovery Centers

It can be a challenge to make the transition from residential treatment to outpatient treatment. Sometimes, the best way to do so is by looking for aftercare support in the form of a sober living home. This way, individuals who have gone through our men’s rehab centers can still have the structure and support they need while re-entering their everyday lives.

The District Recovery Centers strive to make the transition easier for clients and, by doing so, help create a firm foundation for a lasting recovery. So reach out to us today at 949.570.7600 to learn more about our treatment programs and available options.